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Erections problems are very common nowadays. Earlier erection problem was considered a major issue. But with the advancement of medical science, there is nothing to worry about problems related to erection. There are various pills available in the market that are very effective in treating erection issues. One such drug is Viagra, which is considered to be the safest among erectile dysfunction pills. One pill of Viagra can bring much difference in your sexual life.
Drug Uses
One of the best drugs available, Viagra gives your penis the perfect hardness. Moreover, the drug will help in maintaining the hardness for a long time. Viagra is a drug that acts on the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis. The drug helps in the widening of the blood vessels. Once the blood vessels are widened, more blood flows through it. This means that penis region is fed with good blood flow. It is known that the penis gets the right erection only if there is a good flow of blood in the region.
How Taken
Viagra has to be taken an hour before engaging in sex. The doctors only prescribe one pill of viagra a day. Never take more doses of Viagra as it can lead to many health complications.
More Information
Never take Viagra if it is not advised. Talk to the doctor about all your health problems such as diseases, allergies and other issues. It is good if he knows about the foods, substances and drugs that give you allergies. Before he takes a decision on Viagra, let him also know if you are having issues related to your kidney, heart and liver. The doctor should also know if you are having any issues related to your blood and penis. Once the doctor gets an overall picture of your health condition, he will be able to make the right decision on the Viagra prescription.
There are certain drugs that interact with Viagra. Therefore, your doctor should be told about all the medicines that you are using. Normally, Viagra is not prescribed if you are under any nitrate filled medication. Viagra is not prescribed along with nitrate medicines as there is a chance that the pressure may go down to abnormal levels. This is an alarming situation that could lead to heart attack and even stroke.
It is better not to consume alcohol while taking Viagra as there is a higher risk of the side effects.
Women and children should not use Viagra. When taken by elderly people, they have to be very cautious, as they are much prone to its side effects.
Side Effects
Viagra drug is also not free from the side effects. But an advantage is that the side effects are not that severe. Most of the time, the side effects do not last long.
Headache, flushing and stomach pain are some of the common effects that come with Viagra.
Another issue that has been noticed in some men is that Viagra can provoke longer erections. This is not a good condition as longer erections can damage the penis.

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